Shana James – Visual Artist  and Printmaker

Shana James is an award winning West Australian artist who has 25 years experience making and exhibiting her work in Perth and in Melbourne. Her artwork is in the collections of: Kerry Stokes, Artbank, The West Australian Ministry for Culture and the Arts  and The Water Corporation. Most recent purchasce was 17 Linocuts and 2 Artists Books collected by the Monash University Library.

Shana James her art studio

Shana in her art studio

Shana teaches drawing, painting and printmaking at the Fremantle Arts Centre. She works from a home studio, just a short drive from Fremantle. Other experience includes being commissioned for a series of Linocuts for Journey Wines (Yarra Valley). She also teaches PD workshops for primary and high school teachers and runs a linocut workshop in Ubud Bali every January.

About the Artwork

Shana’s images are symbolic and storytelling; she is as comfortable painting as she is with printmaking. In all her work she chooses a medium for its particular qualities and how these qualities will contribute and support the meaning of the work. These images are open ended metaphors which invite interpretation from the viewer. They are works of universal appeal many seeing their own stories when they connect with a particular artwork. These pictures are a poetic interpretation of every day life.

Quote from Essay by Ted Snell

“They seem to spring from both the imagination and the process of printmaking, their dense blacks a kind of dreamlike fog of ink and ideas of inner and outer worlds, the unconscious and the conscious and in that sense they act as illustrations for an autobiography that is constantly evolving.

Like many artists before her James creates a world with it’s own rhythm and order. Marc Chagall, Paul Klee and the British painter Ken Kiff were able to convince us of another parallel world where the mysterious and visionary were an everyday experience. They created a place of escape, like dreams, that were not entirely safe but provided a kind of security and familiarity. Like a fairy tale her narratives unfold and gather us in, giving us the strength to deal with fears and doubts in the expectation that all will be well, in the end. There is a humanness in these works that evolves from her poetic interpretation of incidents in everyday life.”                                                                                                                                         Ted Snell

The following is  a 10 minute interview on ABC Radio National’s Books and Arts program.



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