Between the Sheets Exhibition Reviewed in Saturdays West Australian

William Yeoman has written a great review of the Between the Sheets Exhibition, curated by Gallery East, now on at Central Tafe Gallery. Exhibition continues until April 8th before travelling to Melbourne. I was fortunate to have a photograph of my work chosen for the review.



Artist in Residence Penrhos College

I was invited by Penrhos College to come and work with their year 7 and year 9 students who are working on linocut. I am also mentoring a year 12 student who is using linocut to create her final project. Today we did chin colle on the year 9 sample blocks. They did these pieces as a precursor to larger ones they are working on now. So far I have been incredibly impressed with the standard of the work.

During my short stay there, I am also working on some of my own work and have a display of my work up in the gallery area adjacent to the art room. I have talked about my work to several classes but will be having a more formal artist talk in the first week of next term (date to be advised).

I have felt very welcomed by the staff and the students are focused and attentive. I am really enjoying my stay.

New Classes for 2017, Bali Wrap Up and Artist Books

What a great start to the year the Bali Workshop was! It was a fantastic group of interesting artists and teachers. Being surrounded by the beautiful gardens, trees tropical flowers and the sound of running water wherever you go has had a lasting effect on me. The ARMA resort did NOT disappoint with great food as usual Ibu Puska who has worked at the ARMA for over 20 years, is the head Chef there, a lovely lady. When you talk to her you can hear the passion she has about food and ingredients and it shows in the outstanding meals we had.  I haven’t got any food shots unfortunately but here are some photos, of our week away.

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Now back home and classes at the Fremantle Art Centre

Studio Print is a fantastic way to get back into making your own work, share ideas with likeminded people and be mentored through your own project. Mondays 1:30 – 4:30pm  or Saturday  1:30 – 4:30pm.

Contact the Fremantle Arts Centre 9432 9555

I have some other great classes coming up Linocut on Tuesday evenings, Etching Wednesday mornings, Beginners Printmaking Monday Mornings, Learn to Draw on Tuesday mornings. See the website for details

Other things on the Horizon

I’m finishing off an artists’ book for Between the Sheets which is an exhibition that will be on at Central Tafe Gallery in March. Here are some images of the work in progress. I have just been asked if I would do a short artist in residency at Penrhos College, which should be fun.

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Putting Together the Materials Kits

I’m in Ubud Bali for my Linocut Workshop at the ARMA resort in Ubud. Had a really busy day yesterday putting the kits together.  The box the kit comes in is hand woven in Bali, it took some organising to get the boxes made to size, but totally worth it, and a great way to support local crafts people. They are exquisitely made. There is over $240 worth of materials in this kit and I’ve sourced quality  brands I’ve been using for years.


Choosing Lino Tools

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, I come from a big family and we had lots of excited kids and lots of great food and got to catch up with family who don’t live in Perth. I really enjoy this time of year, time to take stock of things, relax and spend time with friends.

Also every January I take a group of people to Ubud, Bali to teach a linocut workshop. The workshop runs from the 8th – 15th of January, I will arrive a couple of days earlier, to be organised. I have already got the materials, for the linocut kits every participant receives and written the linocut information booklet.

When it comes to buying lino tools, I wanted quality tools that were reasonably priced and good value for money. (Of course if you have more to spend you can’t go passed the Swiss Pfeil tools or the Japanese Powergrip.)

In the kit I have 2 types of lino tools, One is the speedball tool which

Speedball Cutting Tool

has 5 blades that fit into an ergonomic handle. I like this kit because it has the finest blade for detail, for the price there is nothing finer. The handle is easy t hold and comfortable. It’s a good all rounder.

This year I also added a second set of tools to the kit, I came across it during the year when I teach linocut at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I can’t tell you what they are called because they are Japanese and the box is only labelled in Japanese characters. True to their reputation these tools are sharp, and while they lack the ergonomic shape of the speedball they make up for it in the quality of the steel. In fact, I haven’t seen anything as good for the price. They look just like the cheap ones you may have used before.  In this picture they are the Three tools in the yellow box. They look like the kind of tools every school art room has,  but these are much sharper than those! Personally, I think it is cruel to expect kids to do good work with those blunt tools, they get poor results and then, understandably decide they don’t like printmaking. Or worse they say “I’m not creative and I can’t do that.”

You are creative and with the right tools and instruction, You can do that. Find out about my Bali Trip here or see my linocuts here. I’m off to Bali soon so I have started an Ubud Art workshops Facebook page, like us and you can see it all unfold. Maybe you can join us next time.

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Linocuts – more than cutting white

Lino Blocks for Wine Labels
Lino Blocks for Wine Labels

On a basic level, a linocut is a stamp, you cut away the white areas and the remaining areas are inked up and printed.

But it’s so much more than that.

This image shows the lino blocks I made a couple of years ago for a series of wine labels for Journey Wines  I really enjoyed making the artwork for this project, there is something very satisfying about the process of carving lino. It is so physical in this digital world, connecting you to centuries of printmaking.

More than just carving away the white areas. Linocut is about finding a mark that describes the essence that subject.  So you are carving away the white areas of  water with a different mark than you are carving away grass, clothing differently from skin. Like mark-making in drawing, brush-marks in painting the carved mark becomes an expression of the subject matter. I have been making Linocuts for over 20 years and I just need one more person for my Linocut workshop held in Ubud Bali to go ahead 8th – 15th January 2017.

Find out about my Bali workshop here

See my Linocuts from the Understanding Alice Exhibition here

See my Linocuts for wine labels here

Here is the video I made before the 2015 workshop, ignore the dates all the other info is relevant to our 2017 trip, love for you to join me.




Exhibitions, Classes and More


I recently have had 3 of my Alice Linocuts in the Guildford Grammer Exhibition. And somedesire-linocut-by-shana-james of my Alice Drypoints in the York art Award (still on).Those of you who follow  the blog will know Alice refers to Alice in Wonderland.  See more of these images on the Gallery Page of my website.

Ubud Art Workshops

I am hoping the linocut demonstrations are going to inspire some more people to book into my linocut workshop in January 2017. If I don’t get some more people booking by October 30th I ‘m going to have to cancel and I would hate to tell that to those who have booked in. Everyone is looking forward to going, but I must get minimum numbers soon so accommodation can be booked. So if you are interested or know someone who is please let me know, or you may miss out.

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for more info go to

Classes at the Freo Arts Centre

If Bali is not your thing, Fremantle Arts Centre term starts next week so get in now. I still fremantle-arts-centrehave places for Draw Print Paint on Monday mornings. It’s a tasting plate to get you started an ideal beginners class. I also have Linocut on Tuesday afternoons and some others see the FAC website


In my art room, I have been preparing for 2 free demonstrations  one tomorrow at Jacksons Alfred Cove and the other on Saturday at Oxlades. I am also planning an artist’s book for the between the sheets exhibition curated by Gallery East that will be on next year.  I will post some images when it starts to come together.


Almost finished the first unit of study for my Masters of Fine Arts which I am doing part time at ECU. I am really enjoying discussing ideas in a more formal setting. Although we discuss ideas a lot in my classes at the Fremantle Arts Centre too. Perhaps I just like talking 🙂


Thanks for taking the time to look at my work more at

This image is in the York Art Exhibition

Now it is Always 6 O'clock - Drypoint intaglio by Shana James $720 unframed 55 x 76 cm
Now it is Always 6 O’clock – Drypoint intaglio by Shana James $720 unframed 55 x 76 cm