Buy Original Art – 30% off Special Offer

Original artwork turns a house into a home. By buying direct from the artist, you can often get a bargain. I’m about to embark on some new work and I need to create some space in the studio so I am offering 6 weeks of discounted artworks! Every Thursday I will post a new piece at 30% off that is a significant saving!

So subscibe to my blog (at the top of the page) so you don’t miss seeing them all here is the first one…..

Week 1

Hand coloured linocut “Reflections – Ubud Water Garden” was Aus$250 unframed now $175 unframed. Pick up in Perth or add $20 postage. Contact me directly Shana James email or text me on 0448 331 519 (inside Australia) International buyers please email.








This hand carved linocut is image size 20 cm x 30 cm (paper size is larger). The black areas are hand printed in black on 300gsm cotton watercolour paper, this means the paper is artist quality archival paper, when the black ink has been dried for 2 weeks and is fully cured I hand paint the colours onto the paper with artist quality pigmented ink, the beautiful transparent quality of these inks gives the image almost the quality of stained glass. Editioned to just 20 hand pulled and hand painted images.

I sat and drew this watergarden in Ubud Bali, it is a very peaceful place, I remember the first time I saw this extraordinary garden, some of the flowers were as big as dinner plates. Most of the artwork I make is imaginative so its unusual for me to make an image directly from life like this, but I was so inspired by this garden I decided to sit down and draw. Sitting on the bank and drawing with the sound of running water in the background was a very medatitive experience. When I got home I decided to carve the image as a linocut.

What is a linocut?

You may have made one before if you did art at highschool. The artist draws an image onto a piece of linolium. The artist then carves away the white areas using special tools and prints the image by hand. I have beeen making linocuts for over 25 years, it’s a process I love. This video shows me printing a different one in my studio on my etching press.

But wait there is more 🙂

I also run a linocut workshop in Ubud Bali every January, maybe you’d like to join us in 2019, and make your own linocuts see website for dates costs and more details

Reflections waterlilies in Ubud was $250 now $175 for a limited time only. Offer expires on 30th May 2018