My Art Cards Are Now Printed and Ready to Go

Image of different cards
Art Card Selection

I  had 10 images of my artwork commercially printed onto cards.
I chose artwork which I have had positive feedback about in the past. When people see  something from their own experience in my work, I feel like I have really connected.  Making cards is a way of getting my images out to a much broarder audience.  People who have never heard of me may be given a card with my pictures on it and I like that idea. Cards, by their nature, connect people with images.
These cards are all blank inside, they have matching envelopes and are individually packaged in cellophane. I’m really happy with the design of the cards, the clarity of the printed pictures and the closeness of the image to the original work.
The first is a set of 5 images of collographs from my Interplay Exhibition.  The second is a set of 5 images of oil paintings from my Precipitate Exhibition.
Online, I will be only selling them in sets of five for $25.  I plan to get them in shops to be sold as single cards but that will have to wait till my classes have started at the Fremantle Arts Centre and my kids are back at school. ( So if you have a shop and you want to stock them send me an email
Interplay set of 5 cards
Interplay set of 5 cards

Precipitate Set of 5 Cards
Precipitate set of 5 cards

I’m just happy to have them up on my site now. You can buy them directly from my website using paypal.

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