Tricycle: Pop Up Shop in South Fremantle.

This weekend I have artwork in a “Pop Up Shop” at Earlywork Gallery,  featuring work by local artists and designers. It will only be on for 3 days!  Friday15 April, Saturday16 April and Sunday17 April from 10am -5pm.
Earlywork Gallery is at 9/330 South Tce, South Fremante.  If you know South Fremantle its on the same side of the street as Abhis Bread and Mana Wholefoods but a bit further up moving towards South Beach.

What is Tricycle?

Tricycle clothing is a collective of local designers that have shut up shop after 8 years at Fremantle Markets, only to reappear every few months as a ‘pop-up shop’ somewhere around Fremantle. Playful, colourful and wearable clothing are the common themes uniting the designers.
This is the first time the pop up shop is not just clothing designers but includes, artwork, jewellery, glass and homewares and I am happy they asked me to be a part of it.

This is the Artwork I will Have on Display:

Growing Girl (red flowers) Linocut by Shana James
Growing Girl (red flowers) Linocut by Shana James

This piece is a linocut editioned to only 20 prints and handcoloured with artist quality inks, the image size is 26cm square.

The Inspiration Behind this Artwork

In this picture the space is suggested, it has a feeling of being in the landscape, perhaps the beach.  She sits on a chair you would normally find inside, and this gives a feeling of ambiguity. The girl sits forward, she is unaware of the fact she is growing. I chose flowers for all the connotations they evoke – spring, blooming, beauty etc. It is often after difficult situations that we realise how important the experience was to our growth as an individual. Click here to buy from website

Potential Linocut by Shana James
Potential Linocut by Shana James

This second linocut in the pair is the same size and made from the same materials.
Like many of my pieces this picture is concerned with  internal and external worlds – the real and imagined. The space is suggested, it has a feeling of being in the landscape, but is undefined. She has wings, yet is very ordinary in her appearance and dress. I am also really interested in the juxtaposition of the ordinary everyday and the extraordinary.
Like many of us she is unaware of her potential. We all lead normal lives and are sometime blessed with extraordinary moments. Many of us are unaware of our potential abilities. Click here to buy from website
"Flow" oil on canvas by Shana James
"Flow" oil on canvas by Shana James

This large oil painting will also be on display, here it is pictured in my house.  Making this painting was a bit of a turning point for me, so if you want to read about that process  Click here. Or if you would like to buy it from my website or view other paintings – go to Website.
I will have these three pieces of art on the walls and  maybe a folio of unframed prints (we’ll see?)
I will also have my cards  for sale……but wait there is more…… much more………………
Interplay set of 5 cards
Interplay set of 5 cards

Local fashion designers Chinky wooster…Rocucu…Violet Clothing…..Prude recycled accessories…..Dusty Designs….Nikked Glass….Robin Wells Jewellery…Lorgie and me journals, books and homewares….Pod-pockets storage solutions.
So if you are in Fremantle come along and support a local artist or designer:D

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  1. Good luck Shana, I hope it’s a very successful weekend – wish I could come and see for myself however busy with Talks all weekend.
    The prints look amazing!

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