Starting to Print the Linocut Artist's Book

Inking up the lino block for printing.
Inking up the lino block for printing.

Today I have been printing my lino blocks for the artist book I have been making. It took ages to carve the blocks, which are quite detailed, but at last I am ready to print.  There is something quiet and meditative about printing. My kids went back to school today so I could put 100% of my focus onto making the prints. And focus is what you need to do to get everything working.
I got  the 4 images done and one page of text, when I ran out of paper so I will print the rest of the text tomorrow and make the covers on the weekend.
Then next week assembling the book (ie gluing the pages together).
Lino prints layed out to dry.
Lino prints layed out to dry.

I can’t wait to put it together, but I haven’t even finished printing the pages – patience………I really happy with the chunky rustic text and the way that relates to the images.  We will just have to see how it progresses………
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  1. It all looks wonderful in the pictures.
    Patience is so hard when something good is waiting at the other end of it!

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