Exhibition Cancelled

As many of you will know, I have been working towards an exhibition at Kingfisher Gallery next March.
The Gallery will now be closing at Christmas due to health reasons, so my exhibition is now cancelled.  I have 13 finished oil paintings and 4 partly finished.  I am now looking for a new exhibition space.  Not an easy task.  Commercial Galleries are usually booked up for 2 years in advance and many are not willing to take on new artists in this economic climate.
See the work I have done so far for the exhibition on my website. Below are 2 of the more recently finished pictures.
The plan is……..

Shadow Land oil on canvas by Shana James
Shadow Land oil on canvas by Shana James

continue painting, look for opportunities and trust in the process.
Thinking Space oil on canvas by Shana James
Thinking Space oil on canvas by Shana James

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Shana, Barracuda Studio Gallery would be willing to help out if required at this stage.Let me know if interested.Ciao Warren

  2. After organising my last 2 solo shows by myself, I really had set my heart on a commercial gallery with the quality mailing list. On your own, hiring a space, its very difficult to create the same kudos that you get with a commercial gallery.

  3. Wow Shana, love those pieces… on fire !! REally great. I hope you get a gallery to show them. Have you considered a trendy shop or something? The lady at Violet Pilot the other day said to me she was contemplating having an exhibition there for artists. You could also ask about the Memorial Hall, although yeah not a commercial gallery .

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