Do Not Feel Constrained by These Constraints

Wine lable drawings on a very messy desk
Wine label drawings on a very messy desk. (For the record the glass is a reference 🙂

Well, of the 6 images I have been commissioned to make for wine labels, 3 ideas are coming together very nicely (that is the drawings for the linocuts).  Usually I draw directly on the lino but as this is a commission I want everyone to be happy and to sort out any problems before I start carving, so I’m drawing first. It is an interesting discipline to solve a creative problem with constraints on scale and  subject, but having creative free reign within those parameters. Commissions can be tricky things. You are making images for someone else not yourself.
I’m discovering the trick is to let go and just make the kind of images I would usually make. In fact during this creative process the ideas for unrelated stuff have been flowing too, an added bonus I wasn’t expecting.
There is something liberating about being set a problem to solve?
Can’t wait to start carving the lino……
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