Linocuts…..more than just cutting the white

Five Lino Blocks Carved
Five Lino Blocks Carved

I have just finished carving 5 out of 6 linos which are for wine lables at the Jack Russel Wine Company. I am really loving making the artwork for this project.
Lino cut is about much more than just carving away the white areas.  Its about finding a mark that describes the essence that subject.  So you are carving away the white areas of  water with a different mark than you are carving away grass, t-shirt differently from skin. Like markmaking in drawing, brushmark in painting the carved mark becomes an expression of the subject matter. One more to go……
To find out about earlier in the process click here Do not feel constrained by these constraints. To see my linocuts for sale go to my etsy shop

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  1. Thanks for the insight- I am embarking on a woodcut adventure; carved one block almost completely before deciding to start again because I rushed the background; the cuts looked out of place compared to the subject,,, it’s ok though I think I’ll make it bigger anyways.

  2. I’m impressed that you textured the blank areas as well as the printing areas … creating more of a sculpture than a print block! I saw this about 3rd-hand on Pinterest.

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