Nearly Ready for Christmas.

For some reason Christmas crept up on me this year.  I’m already planning new years resolutions and I’m not even organised for Christmas!  The wine for the Linocut wine labels I made will be out in March or April and this commission has sent me off in a linocut direction. I have the rough plans in my sketch book for 6 more images, and I also want to get onto some tiny etchings on the holidays.
We will probably go down to the Lavender and Berry farm in January, its my sisters place and its just lovely down there, usually its a bit cooler in Pemberton but if it does get hot you can go to big brook dam for a swim. The water is edged by forest. Who knows maybe I’ll draw some trees….
Before Chistmas I need to clean up my studio….my etching press is moving inside (instead of being in the shed). Can’t wait, I’ll keep you posted the move is sure to be an event, it weighs about 400kg.

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