"My Secret is Out"

I called this Drypoint “My secret is Out”  the image is an open ended  metaphor which can be interpreted many ways.

"My Sectret is Out" original drypoint print by Shana James
“My Secret is Out” original drypoint print by Shana James

Being uncomfortable with the idea of caging birds, especially in small cages, this seemed the perfect symbol to make a work about containment.
Humans love to contain and categorise things, restricting holding and caging, whether it be a bird or a thought or an idea.
Birds in flight are often used in images as symbols of freedom. In my artwork the bird is seated on the cage, perhaps more comfortable with knowing containment than the freedom of the unknown. You may have noticed I gave this bird a human eye. This was to clue people in to the fact this bird is more than a depiction of a bird. It is a symbol and different people will interpret the image in different ways. I would be interested to hear your comments.
Detail from "My secret is Out" drypoint by Shana James
Detail from “My secret is Out” drypoint by Shana James

The image is 15cm x 21.5 cm, it is a drypoint a printmaking process where the image is drawn directly onto the plate with a pointed tool and then printed intaglio (the same way an etching is printed). The colour is created using a technique called a la poupee. Where the different colours are rubbed directly into the surface of the plate before wiping back.
It is editioned to 20 prints only and is $200 unframed and $290 framed. Please contact me if you would like any further information or for sales of any of my work.