Come Up and See My Etchings

Various etchings and coppe etching plates by Shana James
Various etchings and copper etching plates by Shana James

There is a mystique about etching, like oils in the world of painting, etching has a romance and tradition which gives it a kind of status.
Come up and see my etchings, would never have got traction as a statement if etching wasn’t such an artistic and sophisticated pursuit. (Tongue in cheek here:) But seriously it is an exciting process which embosses the image onto the paper and  creates the most beautiful fine lines. Once you have made the plate you can print it many times. Keep one for yourself, give one away as a present, enter one in a competition……with a painting or a drawing you have only one.
I have been teaching etching for quite a few years, at the
Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre

Fremantle Arts Centre and I’ve got to say it is a fascinating way to make an image, like all printmaking you are never quite sure what you have until you print the plate. We use copper at FAC and etch with a Ferric Chloride Solution. Largely because the traditional acid is not good for your lungs and you need special ventilation. Where as, ferric chloride is completely safe to breathe in, you could set yourself up at home to do it.
However you do need an etching press to print the image onto paper, these are not such a widely found item but the Fremantle Arts Centre has 2! The studio is well set up for printmaking, and the effects you can get with etching are unique to the medium.
I love it, so if you think you might too enroll at the Fremantle Arts Centre by phoning 9432 9555 Mondays starting 4th of May or Saturday Mornings for 6 weeks starting 9th of May. Enroll now or risk missing out.
You’ll be able to say…….. come up and see my etchings 🙂
Window Girl Etching by Shana James
Window Girl Etching by Shana James

PS. be one of the first three people to buy this gorgeous little unframed etching, plate size only 5cm
square,  only $50 each including postage for the first 3 buyers (email me now