My Artwork as part of the Heathcote Exhibition – Seven Printmakers Respond to Place

Falling into Place

These images are up now at Heathcote Gallery until the 3rd of July 2016, take some time out for yourself and meander up to Heathcote to see some art. These are my pieces but there is also work by 6 other artists. Free talk Sunday the 5th June at 12:30pm.

I called my work for this exhibition “Falling into Place” and I used symbolic elements as visual  metaphors to communicate  ideas. In this series of artworks I have looked at the psychological aspects of place. What does it mean to be in a good place? How does the internal imaginative world of the individual compare to the external physical place? I have chosen drypoint as the medium for these images for its strong rich atmospheric line quality and the ability to work on a large scale. I hope you enjoy these images.