Day 6 The Stories Behind the Pictures – Now it's Always 6 O'clock

Now its Always 6 O'Clock - Shana James Drypoint 55 x 76 cm $720 unframed
Now its Always 6 O’Clock – Shana James Drypoint 55 x 76 cm $720 unframed

This is the image you see being printed on the video (below). I have taken the mad hatters tea party and put it into a boat. What I like about this part  of Alice in Wonderland is  that at the tea party it is always 6 o’clock and never changes. I liked the idea of going on a journey and taking time out of the equation. See how things flow for Alice when time is taken away. I had a similar experience when I was making the artwork for this exhibition, when I let go of time the artwork flowed and when I was aware of time, the creativity stopped. I really enjoy the magical feeling of this piece. As the viewer we are on solid land looking through the trees at them in the crazy boat, it has a sense of possibility – anything could happen.
This drypoint print 55 x 76cm is $720 unframed,  is currently exhibited  at Heathcote Gallery Applecross (Perth WA) as part of the Seven Printmakers Respond to Place exhibition until the 3rd July 2016.
If you are outside of Perth email me for direct sales.
See the video for the exhibition here: I am the last artist shown.