Drawing Focus with Shana James

Online Drawing Course Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Drawers

Thanks for joining me for, Drawing Focus – the quarantine edition. If you find yourself with extra time, because of not working, or if you are still working you may have extra time because you can’t go out.

For some people who find themselves trying to work from home, especially those with kids they may feel like they have less time! This online course will be really important for these people too; because drawing focuses and quiets the mind. It will give you a much needed break from all these other things. If your kids are interested, they can do it too!

Material required for this online class are minimal, all you need is an HB lead pencil, paper to draw on, a sharpener and an eraser. If you are able to get a 2B, 4B and 6B lead pencil this will be useful but not essential, by having these extra pencils you will be able to create more variation in your shading. See the video about materials below.

Each lesson will have basic skills, then the exercise and some extension projects if you want to practise or have extra time. All you need is a lead pencil and paper.


If you haven’t already seen the first lesson on Youtube you can find it here:    This is the taster episode you can try before you sign up. This gives you the info materials and techniques to get you started and you can learn

Drawing Focus with Shana James – Season One: The Quarantine Edition

This course is designed in 3 parts each consisting of 4 episodes. Each part is self-contained but its best to complete them in order. The episodes will be pre-recorded on YouTube so you can access them any time.

Part 1 Drawing in the Kitchen

Part 2 Nature as a Designer

Part 3 Fabrics and Folds

Tree Drawing by artist Shana James

In your email you will receive a link to the private YouTube episodes and the private Facebook group. While it is possible to do this on your own without becoming part of the Facebook group, I will be also doing some Facebook live sessions and think it will be really motivating to be part of the group. You can get feedback on your work in the private Facebook group

 If you post your drawings on Instagram please use the hashtag #drawingfocuswithshanajames I’d love to see what you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Drawing or Art Experience?

No, if you have never done a drawing before, this is a great time to get started. Absolute beginners are very welcome in these classes. If you have done a bit of drawing before, this is a great time to get back into it and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of the step by step instruction. If you are a talented drawer or professional artist you may also find this course useful in terms of providing some structure, and you can skip over the part of the lesson based on technique and just do the projects. Drawing is good for you, if you’ve done any before, you’ll know what I mean. When you get into the flow, it creates a kind of focus and mindfulness on the task at hand.  When you see yourself improving you get a feeling of satisfaction.

What does it Cost?

As many people have lost their jobs as part of the Covid – 19 pandemic I have decided to make payment by donation for the . If you are unwaged or in financial difficulty the class is free. However, if you do still have your income, I would really appreciate a donation of what you feel is right for you and what you can afford. The Fremantle Arts Centre where I usually teach, but has been closed down due to Covid-19, charges $126 Australian for my 4 lesson, in person drawing course. Please share the posts about Drawing Focus to your friends and we can create a worldwide community.

About Artist Shana James – Your Drawing Tutor

I have been an artist all my life, art was my favourite subject at school and when I left school I was accepted into the fine art degree at Curtin University where I graduated in 1989. I have maintained a continued art practise over the past 30 years; including eight solo exhibitions, numerous group shows, curated exhibitions and commissions.  I am currently in my final year of a Masters by Research Degree in Visual Art at Edith Cowan University. In addition to this I have been educating people in drawing painting and printmaking since I first graduated; from absolute beginners to professional artists. In the past I have taught in the Tafe and University sectors, but my main work has been teaching at the Fremantle Arts Centre – now closed due to Covid-19. For more information about me and to see my artwork go to www.shanajames.com

Shana James with her 30 panel linocut at the Nexus exhibition at Gallery 25

So let’s get started…

Shana James

Visual Artist