The New Year 2011

I have had a very quiet break from everything including art and today I have cleaned up my studio ready to get back into it.

Relatively Clean Art Room
Relatively Clean Art Room

This year my art plans are:
To make  cards of my art,  get them into some shops and also sell them on-line.  I have chosen 5 collograph designs and 5 paintings from the Precipitate exhibition to have commercially printed as cards.  I had some proofs made at the end of last year, and have tweaked the design slightly.  I am getting used to the fact that everything takes longer than I expect ……… it takes as long as it takes. I have had this idea for a long time and I am hoping it will bring new people to my website which will be on the back of the card. I  am also hoping it will generally broaden the audience for my work.
Prototypes of my new cards
Prototypes of my new cards

My next goal is to make all of the paintings for my March 2012 exhibition at Kingfisher Gallery.  If I finish the artwork this year it gives me  a couple of months before the exhibition for promotion and all the other stuff like varnishing the pictures and putting the d-rings on the back etc.
I also have the idea for a linocut artists book which I have been planning in my head for about 6 months and I hope to make the book and enter it in a couple of competitions.
On top of all that I am doing extra teaching at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  I have taken on a bit of extra teaching because I am going to Bali in July with my husband and two kids:)

  • In January I am teaching an oil painting and a drypoint printing workshop.
  • Monday mornings  etching  copper with ferric chloride – this is like traditional etching but is much less toxic.
  • Monday afternoon will be linocut artists’ books.
  • Tuesday evenings beginners oil painting
  • Wednesday morning beginners drawing
  • Sunday 27th Feb a 4 week workshop Beginners Acrylic painting

Now I have put all this on the record, I’ll have to do it!