The Joy of Making – Making Etchings for the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar

Printed Etchings and the Handmade Plates
Printed Etchings and the Handmade Plates

There is something about the organic process of being a printmaker and making original prints using techniques which have been used for centuries.

The process of creating an etching plate is integral to the work. There is an inherent difference in a line that is drawn on a page compared to a line that is etched into copper, filled with ink, polished with tissue paper and printed on a hand turned press. The etched line has a rich textured quality.  In this digital age where we are saturated with images daily, the physical nature of these hand-made etchings stands out; the way the edge of the plate is embossed into the paper, the scratchy-ness of the drawn line indented into the plate.
It’s the physicality of this process which sometimes takes me down a different path of making. When I lift the paper from the plate I am never quite sure how it will turn out. Like walking in a darkened room, you can see enough to know where you are going, but there is an inherent uncertainty which makes you mindful of each step.

Inking up The Handmade Etching Plate
Inking up The Handmade Etching Plate

Intuition thrives in this uncertainty and the artwork lives as a by-product of this process.
Wiping Back the Etching Plate

I will have etchings on display for sale at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar
1 Finnerty Street Fremantle
Fri 30th Nov 5pm-10pm, Sat 1st Dec 9am – 5pm, Sun 2nd Dec 9am-5pm. Come along and say hello……… until that time I will be printing 🙂
Printing the Etching

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