Lucy Wise & the B'Gollies House Concert – How Cool!

I went to my first house concert and saw these guys live and it was fantastic. A house concert, what a great idea. You are so close to the action and even get to talk to the musicians during the break. My kids really enjoyed being in the front row.

Lucy Wise and the B'Gollies
Lucy Wise and the B’Gollies just playing in the back yard

I usually only talk about art on this blog, yes music is also art but I usually only talk about visual art here. I made an exception for these 4 musicians who play great indie/folk click on the link below to find out more.
Lucy’s website describes her music better than I could……..” Over the past three years Lucy has become a renowned singer-songwriter in the Australian folk scene. Drawing inspiration from her background in Appalachian and Celtic folk music, as well as legendary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Lucy’s songs sketch universally recognisable stories that are grounded in the domestic realities of everyday experience.”
I guess its her narrative style that I related to, which kind of ties into the art I make.
Also the concert was organised by Megan Gosling who opened her house to  raise money for – an organisation called A21 Campain abolish injustice in the 21st century – which helps to stop the appalling practise of human trafficking, the average age of the victims is just 12 years old.  I really encourage you to click on the link. And am inspired by Megan who created this whole event with a friend, to contribute funds to this important organisation.
Lucy wise and the B'Gollies house concert
Lucy wise and the B’Gollies house concert

Lucy Wise and the B’Gollies are playing at Kulcha on the 4th of May 2013  so check them out if you are free.  I would be going if I hadn’t already arranged to go and see my sister and her family at the Lavender and Berry Farm in Pemberton. All those trees are really good for your soul. Just like this music 🙂 or helping a worthwile cause like A21 Campain.

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