My Term 3 Classes at the Freo Arts Centre – Enrol now

It’s already time to enrol for term 3 at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Term 3 2013.

Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre

This is what I’m teaching this term. There are some new classes and the times have moved around so I thought I’d give you an overview. Also Printmaking how has a fantastic new studio decked out with new sinks and the new much larger press will be arriving just in time for this terms classes. (Click on the links- underlined in purple to go to the FAC page for prices and  online enrolment or phone them on 9432 9555 )

Learn to Draw Mondays 9:30am – 12:30   4 weeks starting 29th July

This is a class to get you started, if you’ve never done an art class, if you would like to draw but are not sure where to start, this is the class for you. Covering the very basics step by step.

Mixed Media Drawing 9:30 – 12:30   5 weeks starting 26th August

This class follows on for thoise who have learned the basics in the learn to draw class or for

Some of my mixed media drawings of the Fremantle Arts Centre
Some of my mixed media drawings of the Fremantle Arts Centre

those who have done a bit of drawing and want to try some different media like ink, charcoal and conte’ crayon. Set projects to extend your understanding, including drawing outside in the gardens of the Fremantle Arts Centre.

Drypoint Printing– Monday afternoons 1:30 – 4:30pm

   9 weeks starting 29th July

This is one of the easiest forms of printmaking where you basically scratch a drawing into a plastic plate using a sharp tool and print it intaglio onto dampened paper. The results are magical the line quality is soft and textural different from a drawing or an etching. Like most printmaking you can print multiple copies of your plate. Here are some of my drypoints.

She is the Rain: Drypoint Print by Shana James
This is a recent drypoint I have entred into the Fremantle Print Award (fingers crossed)

"House on the Hill" drypoint by Shana James
“House on the Hill” drypoint by Shana James

Imagination Place drypoint by Shana James
Imagination Place drypoint by Shana James

Studio Printmaking Tuesday Mornings 9:30am – 12:30    9 weeks starting 30th July

This is a new class designed for people who have done some printmaking before who would like to explore ideas through print. There will be more of an emphasis on the creative process. You can choose any print medium to suit your idea, I will help you with techniques to help and extending your idea’s. It will be fun to take your artwork to the next level and work with a class of like minded people.

Linocut Printing Create an artist’s book, Wednesday Mornings   9:30am – 12:30  9 weeks starting 31st July

I love artists books and Linocut is a good medium for this format. If you have never done a linocut before that is fine. If you would prefer not to make a book and just do a series of images thats ok too. You might have made a linocut if you look art as a subject in high school. You carve the image out of a linoblock and print it, the results are strong graphic images.

Here are some of the Linocut

Thinking Differently - artists' book
Thinking Differently – artists’ bookoo. Here are some of my Linocut Artists Books

Artists’ Books I have made…….

Maybe Keep a Bird linocut Artist Book by Shana James
Maybe Keep a Bird linocut Artist Book by Shana James

And the last class on the list

Copper Etching with Ferric Chloride – Wednesday afternoons 1:30pm – 4:30   9 weeks starting 31st July

or 4 weeks of Saturdays starting August 3rd.

Etching is an ancient technique used by artists since the 1500 with  Rembrant being one of the old masters famously using this technique.
Etching with Ferric Chloride has none of the safety concerns of acid etching and creates beautiful fine lines, it is a really interesting process and we also touch on aquatint with a spraycan. (Its an easy way of creating tone.) Here is one of my etchings you can just see the corner of the copper plate.

Ideas Girl etching by Shana James
Ideas Girl etching by Shana James

"Window Girl" etching by Shana James
“Window Girl” etching by Shana James

This little is for sale in the Fremantle Arts Centre Shop- Found
Hope to see you this term in one of my classes.
Or click on this link and see what else is available at the Freo Arts Centre.

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