Night Vision – new linocut by Shana James

Night Vision Linocut Triptych by Shana James
Night Vision Linocut Triptych by Shana James

This is a linocut I have just finished this week to enter in the Gippsland Print Award. Each image is 48cm x 60cm so the finished piece is is just under a metre and a half wide. The cloud images are photos I took on my phone and printed on acetate. I cut out a hole and placed the cloud images behind.
The work is for sale $1900 and will be editioned to 7

About the Work

My Friend Shane Tholen commented on my facebook page that these images demand the viewer to search for meaning. I liked that. I hope you see the stories of your own life in this work. To me, human life is a search for meaning and all the figures could be read as aspects of the same person, or different aspects of all people.
This work is about the feeling of wanting something which seems impossible to obtain, as if the thing you want is at the bottom of a cliff down a hole. It is about walking past an opportunity which is an open door which goes unnoticed. It is about the person who is in a cage of their own making and the person who comforts another who is locked in a cage.
I think all people are all these characters in different circumstances in different times in their life.  I could call it a self portrait.
Love to read your comments.