Working on Linocuts for the Curiouser and Curiouser Exhibition at the Fire Station Print Studio

As the Fremantle Arts Centre is closed this week for maintenance I have a week to focus on my art. This is what I carved yesterday.

Carved Lino Blocks by Shana James
Carved Lino Blocks inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Shana James

To say I’m getting into this theme is an understatement; I am finding more depth and symbology with each image. There is a quote From the Alice in Wonderland story which says “The chief difficulty Alice found was in managing her flamingo..” Here I equated the flamingo with all things in life which are difficult to manage, and a specific difficulty which I wont go into here. After carving the image I realised Alice is looking the flamingo in the eye – which you may have noticed is a human eye not a bird’s eye. I have found recently that looking at difficulties head on, with acceptance of the problem, is a beneficial approach. Rather than trying to escape them as I would have often done in the past. Interesting how this came through in the work, as it usually does.  I will post prints of these soon.
You may have noticed that Alice in in a tropical paradise not an English garden, this is the influence of the gardens in the Arma Resort Ubud, Bali where I ran a linocut art workshop in January.  In the images I am using the symbol of the garden with a place or a way of being that you wish to escape to or become part of.
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