Understanding Alice

New Name for My Exhibition at the Fire Station Print Studio

It was going to be Curiouser and Curiouser, but as I plan more images and make more linocuts I am starting to understand the evolution of this work, more and more. I think the title “Understanding Alice” is more indicative of the artwork.
The meaning behind this artwork was always more about contemporary life, desires, decisions and trying to make sense of the world. The  Alice in Wonderland imagery and symbols are a metaphor to explore these things.  Although I do like the quote “Curiouser and curiouser” it doesn’t relate as much to the images and those who don’t know the story won’t have a context for it.
I am working on 4 new lino’s for the exhibition now more images soon….

Firestation Print Studio Melbourne.
Fire Station Print Studio Melbourne. From the Outside

Exhibition opens on Saturday the 25th September The Fire Station Print Studio is in Armadale in Melbourne and I am in Perth.
If you are in Melbourne and would like an invitation please email me shanajames@iinet.net.au