Understanding Alice Teapots

Understanding Alice Teapots
Large Teapot $160
Small Square Teapot $130
Milk Jug $50
Platter $75
These Understanding Alice Ceramic pieces are created from my original linocuts and transferred and hand fired onto porcelain.
This exhibition Understanding Alice ‘Understanding Alice’ takes imagery from Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and reinterprets it using the symbology from the story as a metaphor for contemporary life. Exploring ideas around desire, choice, direction, judgement and letting go.
The Process
The idea of creating teapots came to me as I was carving the linocuts for this exhibition. Artists designing images for objects, is not a new thing, it is as old as art itself.  The teapot is such a quintessential symbol for the mad hatters tea-party, I just had to do it.
Not being experienced in ceramics I contacted Sandra Black, Perth based, and internationally renowned porcelain artist. Sandra has practiced as a full time ceramic Artist since 1975 and has had 31 solo shows and participated in over 250 group shows. Her experience with porcelain is extraordinary and she was very generous with her knowledge.
Armed with some knowledge, I set about making the images, After sourcing teapots from Australian Fine China who have an 89 year tradition of manufacturing porcelain. I set about cutting bits out of my resized linocuts and sticky taping them to the various ceramic objects continually thinking, changing and refining. Some images were taken from linocuts I had already made, and some of the linocuts were made especially.
The next step was photographing the images and converting these as correctly formatted digital files, so that the colour and sharpness would be of the best quality. For this I enlisted help from my husband and graphic designer Craig Graham.
Once these were made I cut them out by hand and floated them onto the porcelain after 24hours drying, Sandra Black fired them in her studio.
The result, original, quality porcelain with thoughtful images you wont find in a shop. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.