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The Chimes at Midnight Drypoint by Shana James
The Chimes at Midnight Drypoint by Shana James $280 unframed editioned to 20

Just sold my first piece on Artfinder and I haven’t even finished uploading the images on the page.
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This is the piece that sold, from the Conversations with Ghosts series it is called “the Chimes at Midnight”.
Conversations with Ghosts is the name of the Concert and the CD and the Chimes at Midnight is the name of the song. This music is visual poetry for me me, when I listen to it my head is filled with images. Here are some of the Paul Kelly Lyrics to the Song
“She leaned into me and held me close, I thought  I heard her say we are the Ghosts
The Chimes at midnight sound a hollow tone, the chimes at midnight are taking me home.”
The music is dreamy and haunting and drypoint is the perfect medium to convey this feeling, its the rich velvety line typical of the scratched  mark, which lends itself to imagery where the softness of that line quality convey part of the meaning of the work.
The idea of home is very strong in this music, not home as in a physical place, but home as a feeling. A relationship that has the feeling of home, and I guess home in a metaphysical sense – united with your own soul.
If you would like to know more about the music it is a collaboration of Paul Kelly, James Ledger, Genevieve Lacy and ten classical musicians.
You can buy the music here go to 
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This picture is one of 6 in the series responding to the music you can see 4 of them here
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