Day 4 The Stories Behind the Pictures – Glass House

Glass House, drypoint intaglio $265 unframed
Glass House, drypoint intaglio by Shana James $265 unframed

In a glass house nothing is hidden.
In this image Alice is at the point of realisation, she knows she has outgrown this house. This picture shows her in this moment of awareness. The house is decorative but she is too big for it.
She has a sense of agency she stares straight out of the picture engaging the viewer as if to say I know you can see I have outgrown this place. I am ready to move outside it confines. The clouds and trees in the background show a wide open landscape in contrast.
This drypoint print 20 x 30cm is $265 unframed,  is currently exhibited  at Heathcote Gallery Applecross (Perth WA) as part of the Seven Printmakers Respond to Place exhibition until the 3rd July 2016.
If you are outside of Perth email me for direct sales.
See the video for the exhibition here: I am the last artist shown.