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Empty Easel is an online American  art magazine and Alyice Edrich has interviewed me about my art career.  I am really pleased with the article and her interview and would like to thank Empty Easel for including it on their site, which has a lot of other art related information.
One thing I will add to the interview is that my inspiration for pictures now is more commonly life events, conversations and novels. Although ocassionally it is still song lyrics.
So check out empty easel the interview is called :The Creative Journey, an interview with Shana James.

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  1. Thanks for sharing “Empty Easel” and especially the fine interview with you that they published! Fine Artists sharing the story of their journey and about how they work provide great encouragement for other artists in their often very private work and challenges. Your narrative is a great addition!

  2. Thanks for your open interview on empty easel. I was just lamenting yesterday how much time I waste trying to get my work “out there” and how it eats into painting/creative time but it’s so essential. You’ve offered a positive look on things & some great tips.

  3. Thanks Kerry, I’m glad it helped. I find you do also have to spend time doing things other than art eg writting this comment and blog. I need to be very structured with my time and this helps. Eg This time is only studio time another day can be marketing or studio as the need arises.

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