What is a Collograph?

There are still a couple of places for my collograph class.  So I thought I would write a description for those who are not familiar with the technique.  The class starts Tuesday15th Oct 2013 9:30 – 12:30 9 weeks for $256
Collograph is a printmaking process where the plate is made from collaged materials on a  cardboard support. Different textures can be glued or varnished onto the plate, things like fabric and lace are commonly used because they print very well.

Inking up a Collograph
Inking up a Collograph

I mostly use glue, acrylic gesso

and carborundum – which is a fine sand used to make sandpaper.
Velevety atmospheric marks are characteristic of the technique.
The plate is inked up intaglio, which is the same process as used for etching.

The artist applies ink to the collograph plate with a squeegee.  Then  gently polishes the surface with tissue paper. This is called wiping back the plate

Wiping Back the ink for CollographWhere the plate is smooth the ink wipes away and where it is textured

the plate holds more of the ink.
The paper is dampened so it will emboss around
the surface texture of the plate.  It is then blotted dry, the paper has been softened but is no longer wet on the surface. The paper is placed on the plate and turned through the etching press.  Here is the resulting print….

Embrace Collograph by Shana James
Embrace Collograph by Shana James

Hope to see you in one of my classes at the Fremantle Arts Centre

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