2013 My Year That Was

Well its been a big year for me in terms of teaching, busy enjoyable and broadening.  I have taught workshops at UWA, Penrhos College and Seton College. More teaching at the Fremantle Arts Centre where we got our new printing studio now with 2 etching presses and 2 adjoining rooms dedicated to printmaking, so if you are thinking of doing a workshop, Fremantle arts Centre now has a much better space. And in addition to all this I taught a semester of intaglio print at Central Tafe. During this time I have met some lovely people and had interesting conversations and  really poured myself into teaching.
I exhibited in some  group shows including Newman College, Guilford Grammar, City of Cockburn Show Off, Gertrude Stein Exhibition and also now have some of my printmaking in the Found shop at the Fremantle arts Centre.
So I am looking forward to spending some more consolidated time in my studio. Currently I’m working on some competition entries for 2014 and a body of work which will at some stage become a solo exhibition. That is all I can say at this stage…… but January for me will be a month of making art, so far I have been working mostly in my sketch book which is how most pieces I make start, I find the process of  coming up with new ideas intoxicating and like many artists I sometimes have to push myself to follow through 🙂 I’ve been in that day dreamy creative space since Christmas and have been surprised how easily I slotted back into it. Here’s to a year of finishing projects and following through on ideas in 2014 – I’ll let you know how it goes.
Wishing you all a happy and creative new year.

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