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Many of you will know that this blog links back to my art website by clicking on the gallery page at the top or the link in the sidebar. As well as for my art practise, I now have a another new website just for my Teacher Workshops. it’s called Art Upskill – professional development workshops for teachers.
In Australian primary schools, art has just become a compulsory subject – I was shocked to find out it wasn’t before!
Art teachers in high schools  are expected to know a lot about a broad range of specialty areas – ceramics, painting, screen printing, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry making, graphic design etc. It’s just not possible to be an expert in all these subject areas.
I think all teachers benefit from increasing knowledge in a particular subject, it gets them out of the classroom for a day and allows them the space to create  interesting and inspiring lessons.
The PD workshops I run are everything from teacher basics – giving teachers basic skills in colour mixing and drawing through to more specialist workshops in non toxic copper etching.

Ink Drawing by Pre-primary student Sienna
Ink Drawing by Pre-primary student Sienna

Here is an excerpt from my new website:
So what are the benefits of a strong visual arts program at school?
What do the visual arts have to offer? Besides skills in drawing or painting, how can visual art lesson benefit students?
Visual literacy – The digital world, is a predominately visual world and visual literacy in this world is an important 21st century skill. In Thomas L Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” he states that aesthetics and creativity are just as important as technical knowledge in the new economy…………read more
All workshops are tailor made to the requirements of the participants. Check out my new website. Let me know what you think.

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