One More image for Understanding Alice

Just recent finished several more images for my exhibition at the Firestation Print Studio in Melbourne opening on September 25th. Here is one of them its called  “Alice Winning Against Judgement.”

Linocut by Shana James, Alice Winning Against Judgement
Linocut by Shana James, Alice Winning Against Judgement

In my images the Queen of Hearts seemed like judgement – perfectly personified. In the story she’s always screaming, “Off with their heads!” Those of you who know the story of Alice in Wonderland, will be aware that this scene is not part of the book, I invented it. I thought the game against judgement was an interesting metaphor. I modeled the queen from several real playing cards since she is the queen of hearts. but I wanted to make her look as judgmental as possible.
Judgement often creeps into things when you don’t expect it; when you think you are winning, sometimes it takes the lead again. Alice has more creatures on her side, and judgement looks miserable. Sometimes we internalise the queen and let her win. It can be debilitating. In which case your probably better off walking away from the game or enlisting the help of the creatures on your side.
Please email me if you will be in Melbourne on the 25th of September 2015 and I’ll send you an invite to the opening. More images soon.