And one More class – Learn etching Tuesday mornings at the Fremantle Arts Centre

Starts Tuesday 3rd November, take some time out for yourself as the Christmas rush approaches, and you will be calm and relaxed.

Etching with Shana James
Etching metal to print images is a process which has been used by artists for centuries. Starting with a simple line drawing create small style images which you can print on FAC s etching presses. Explore this traditional process used by famous artists like Rembrandt and be guided through it step by step by an experienced tutor.
Suitable For: Beginners/Intermediate
Tue 03 Nov – Tue 08 Dec
Time: 09:30 am to 12:30 pm

What is an etching?

Etching is traditionally the process of using acid or some other chemical to cut into the unprotected parts

Various etchings and copper etching plates by Shana James
Various etchings and copper etching plates by Shana James

of a metal plate to create a design incised into the metal plate. As a method of printmaking it is, one of the most important techniques for old master prints, and remains in wide use today.
There are different ways you can etch different metals in this class we will be etching on copper with a Ferrric Chloride Solution known as Edinburgh Etch which is a non toxic way of etching, no acid and excellent results. For this reason sometimes High School Art Teachers come and learn the process to teach in Schools. But you don’t have to have done the process before the class is suitable for beginners too.
The beautiful fine lines created with etching are similar to those obtained from pen and ink drawings. Like a pen and ink drawing you can add a watercolour wash to the finished line work, the advantage being you can print it several times, giving you the capacity to try out different colours. Or print the line work in Black or Sepia and try out the image in different ways, you can always print another.
Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre