Day 2 The Stories Behind the Pictures – The Promise of Corners

The Promise of Corners
The Promise of Corners – drypoint intaglio by Shana James $265

Alice walks a well trodden path, yet despite this she does not know what is around the corner for her, what her new experiences will be.
The place seems old, medieval perhaps, generations will have lived here before her. Every life is unique, it is the sense of discovery that drives us, not knowing what the future holds. The hope that there is something better around the corner. There are many paths and doorways, the rabbit is around the corner, perhaps she will discover the key. (Which is hanging on the wall literally around the corner. ) We all make our own way in the world.
This drypoint print 20 x 30cm is $265 unframed, currently exhibited  at Heathcote Gallery Applecross (Perth WA) as part of the Seven Printmakers Respond to Place exhibition until the 3rd July 2016.
If you are outside of Perth email me for direct sales.