The Stories behind the Pictures – Internal

Internal External (with William Morris Wallpaper ) Intaglio Drypoint by Shana James
Internal (with William Morris Wallpaper ) Intaglio Drypoint by Shana James $265 unframed

Alice wants to get into the beautiful garden but she is the wrong size, when she is the right size, she has left the key on the table. So I put the doorway and the garden inside her. An internal space of contentment.
Longing for something you don’t have is part of being human, everyone has experienced Alice’s longing. Don’t we all want to get into that beautiful garden? Everyone has left the key on the table at one time or another. Everyone has experienced not being able to get where they want to go. Why are there so many obstacles to getting to that place? Alice is a representation of all humanity constantly looking outside herself for understanding.
There is a garden in which everything can grow inside you, if you allow it. This is why I put the garden inside Alice. An internal space of peace and contentment. The wallpaper (adapted from a William Morris pattern) reflects the beauty she has found within her now all around her abundant growth in beautiful organised patterns.
This image is about finding that place of contentment, inner knowing a tangible side of an imaginative dream.
This drypoint print 20 x 30cm is $265 unframed, currently exhibited  at Heathcote Gallery Applecross (Perth WA) as part of the Seven Printmakers Respond to Place exhibition until the 3rd July 2016.
If you are outside of Perth email me for direct sales.