Why I Love Linocuts

Linocut is such an interesting way to make an image. It has such a sharp graphic quality and you are never quite sure what it will look like until you print it. The process of carving the lino is so satisfying, tactile you really feel like you are physically making the image as well as creating it. A therapeutic escape from the digital world.
I will be teaching an evening linocut class at the Fremantle Arts Centre this term. Starting Tuesday 9th August 2016(click here and scroll down for more info). I will also be running a linocut workshop in Ubud Bali in January 2017. (see Video Below)
Here are some of my Linocut images you can see more on the Gallery Page of my website.

Linocut has its own language. Pattern and texture become all important because you can’t shade to create graduations of tone like you can with drawing or other printmaking techniques. You really have to convert your drawing to the language of linocut.
When you make a linocut you are carving the white and the area that remains is printed. I like the reverse process. Like drawing the light or in this case carving the light. It is one of the few printmaking processes you can do without a press, Margaret Preston did all her prints at the kitchen table!
Here is the Video about my workshop in Ubud Bali Love to see you there. Please see the website for more information. Pay your deposit now to avoid disapointment.