Ourself Behind Ourself Concealed – The Ideas

Thank you to everyone who went and saw the Between the Sheets Exhibition curated by Gallery East. The exhibition is now being packed up and sent to Australian Galleries in Collingwood, opening on the 13th June 2017, which I am very excited about. Some people have asked me about the ideas behind the work so here is the artists’ statement:
This work is derived from both: the paper dolls I used to make as a child by cutting a figure into concertina folded paper and the paper dolls that came in a kit with stylish paper clothes to dress your doll in.  This work is inspired by the free-flowing creativity of children at play, and my wish to reconnect to that self.
The human condition is to strive for change, to want more in the physical world, through this external striving. Do we find the self concealed within? or is this busy work distracting us from our true purpose?
I chose for this work the format of female form, but this is not just for a female audience, it is a representation of all humanity, transcending gender and culture. It is a work that speaks to our humanity. The paper clothes have been replaced by  the transparent openness of the internal tree. The tree is vividly coloured, reminding us of our potential brilliance and potential growth. It is the capacity to tap into this state of flow that allows us to evolve.
The title is taken from a line in a Poem by Emily Dickinson. While I found that line to be perfect as the title of this piece, the rest of the poem which traversed the dark corridors of the mind and does not really relate to this work except in that it offers an alternative way of looking at the self, perhaps deeper than the mind. The self concealed within.
The Between the Sheets Exhibition will be on at Australian Galleries ,35 Derby Street Collingwood 3066 from 13th June to 2nd July 2017