Between the Sheets Exhibition at Austraian Galleries Melbourne

The Between the Sheets Artists’ Book exhibition at Australain Galleries in Melbourne has now concluded. I feel priviliaged to have been part of this outstanding show.
The opening was attended by 100+, and I am reliably informed there was a constant stream of people viewing the work. The floor talk given by Janis Nedela co owner of Gallery East and an artist and exhibiter in the show was well attended and the exhibition gained many plaudits for the quality of the work and the excellence of its installation and rightly so.
My perception is that book arts are gaining in popularity, I have found that when I talk about artists’ books I am less likely to be met with a blank stare than I was in the past. I am glad because I will be continuing to make them, there is something very physical and tangible about a book as compare to an artwork on the wall. Dont get me wrong I love 2D work as well, but books have a very different quality;  sculptural and tacktile.
Thanks to David and Janis from Gallery East for their interest in Artists Books and Australian Galleries for taking it on. I only wish I could have gone to Melbourne with my work.
If you would like to see more of Previous books I have made please see this You Tube Video.