Ubud Linocut Workshop Series – Food

A friend once said to me, “I’ve never had a bad meal in Ubud,” and I would have to agree. Ubud is a foodies paradise.

Arma Thai Restaurant.

This is the first of a few blogs I am going to write about my linocut workshop in Ubud about the extra details of the workshop that make it such an all encompassing special event.
The Balinese are great cooks, I don’t know if its because they make everything from scratch, or because the produce is so
The 2015 Group at Lunch

fresh, but the food is consistently very good wherever you go.
The workshop includes breakfast every day, lunch on workshop days (5 lunches) and the welcome dinner for people to get to know each other on the first night. The Arma resort where we stay and run the workshop has 2 restaurants and a cafe. These are
Another delicacy at the Arma Thai Resturant.
Another delicacy at the Arma Thai restaurant.

open, picturesque, beautiful Bali architecture. The Head chef Ibu Pusaka is an outstanding and experienced chef of international quality, as comfortable creating an authentic tirimasu as she is making traditional Balinese favourites.
After the classes finish at 4pm your time is your own, so you can choose wherever you like to have dinner. The town is a two minute shuttlebus from the hotel, and there is plenty of shopping there too. Fine dining can be had in Ubud for under $30 Australian Dollars right down to a tiny warung (family owned restaurant) with more humble surroundings, but with food that is still outstanding for $5 Australian. Most places you will find are somewhere in between, but suffice to say I haven’t had a bad meal in Ubud in the 4 times Ive been there. Many restaurants have western style meals as well, beautifully cooked fish and vegetarian options are available. Its a foodies paradise.
You can see The Arma Resort’s restaurant here http://www.armabali.com/restaurant/arma-kitchen-lounge/
Outside the Arma Thai Restaurant in the early evening.

Food, travel and art, whats not to like – book now for January 2018 https://ubudartworkshops.com/