Linocut Wine Labels – First Image Carved

Carved Lino ready to print
Carved Lino ready to print

First Lino carved 5 to go…..
This is the lino from which I will make the print. It took me just over 6 hours to carve – surprised even myself that it took that long, usually I don’t keep records of the time spent, so it was interesting how much I had underestimated it.
This image depicts Damian on the start of his journey 20 years ago. This  excerpt from the Jack Russell Website describes this chapter in his life which the image is inspired by:
“Damian’s journey into the world of wine began working as a waiter in Sydney over 20 years ago. Waiting was only meant to pay the bills while he studied engineering, but he soon discovered a love for food and wine that far outstripped his feelings towards the weird beards and brown cardigans of engineering. Ditching the studies, he dived headlong into the foodie world, and ended up as Sommelier at Sydney landmarks like the original Tetsuya’s in Rozelle, and Pier at Rose Bay. ”
Carved Lino with Planning Drawing
Carved Lino with Planning Drawing

You can see how much better the image looks as a lino even though I haven’t printed it yet.  When  I read the above paragraph Margaret Prestons famous linocuts of the Sydney Harbour Bridge came to mind and I knew I wanted to include the bridge in the image.  When I was 17 I went to Sydney for the first time and although I had seen it in pictures hundreds of times the reality of the bridge and surrounding area really made an impression on me. So in this image I wanted to capture the monumental nature of the bridge. Compositionally the curve of the bridge is echoed in the sweep of the land and the table.  When printed much of the texture on the table will print as black. There are 6 glasses, representing the 6 chapters of Damian’s life.  The part of the circle is a re-curring theme in the images, there is a sence that there is more to come. An there is……
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  1. I like your lino cut – I think that I would probably like this more than the resultant print! I also love the bridge pictures of Margaret Preston. When I am in Sydney I like to visit the Art Gallery just to say hello to her work again.

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